“A Moment of Truth”

“A Moment of Truth”

The other day I was talking to a close friend who happened to be a doctor. Simply conversing has become so rare so we end up talking on various topics including respiratory market. He explained me how the respiratory market is growing and the factors that are driving the market. I was appalled to hear that every year around 6 million people lose their life due to respiratory diseases such as Asthma, Obstructive Pulmonary diseases and so on. I never know the respiratory disease could be that severe. However, we talked at length about the factors that are responsible for such massive impact of respiratory diseases. The most common cause was the rising respiratory diseases due to aging population. Elderly people are more prone to respiratory diseases and other diseases. The consumption of Tobacco is also the key concern responsible for fatal diseases such as respiratory diseases, Cancer and other heart diseases. He also revealed the harmful effects of pollution, smoking and excessive alcohol.

The irony that the rising respiratory diseases were in fact lucrative for his business shocked me. He told me how the rising respiratory diseases created huge demand for therapeutic devices such as masks, ventilators, nebulizers, humidifier, inhalers and so on are widely adopted devices for Respiratory market. He also mentioned about opportunity in monitoring devices, diagnostic devices and consumable and accessories devices due to rise in respiratory devices.

We end up concluding that creating awareness among individuals is very important to avoid unfavourable consequences and fatalities caused due to respiratory diseases. The awareness level is various less in developed and developing regions. He shared some shocking facts and figures that determine the severity of this disease. I come to know that an estimated 60 million US populations suffer from asthma or allergies. One can assume the burden of respiratory diseases across the globe. Government and private ventures are also working to curb respiratory diseases by spreading awareness. Ban on tobacco and Smoking may enable to curb the incidence and prevalence rate of respiratory devices. However, it was good discussion and I have learned so many things about respiratory diseases.

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