Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

OMR strictly maintains the privacy policy of clients and our primary sources. The information we collect through various primary sources is used to improve the content of our Web site and enrich our reports with primary numbers and key market insights. However, the confidentiality is maintained in each level of our organization. The client details are also secured and are not shared with anyone due to confidentiality purpose. We are committed to provide client confidentiality and each employee associated with OMR is adhered to this policy. If you do not want to receive any e-mail from us in the future, please reach us at or call us at +91-7803040404.

Return policy

We have a simple return policy and we are adhered to our return policy. All purchases from the OMR site are final. If a client is in any doubt about transaction he/she should contact OMR before making a final purchase. There is no provision of refund once the user clicks the final purchase button on the check out screen. The dispatched products sold by OMR are not returned or refunded as per the company policy. For any doubt or query a client must contact OMR to discuss the problem with a member of OMR customer service team. We are happy to resolve any doubt or problem of the client. However, refunds may occasionally be offered under special conditions which are solely at the discretion of the company. In case of missing or incomplete data pertaining to TOC, OMR is committed to resolve such query instantly. In this case the customized version of the report is provided without any extra charges.