About Us


Welcome to Orion Market Research!

We provide market research and consulting services. At OMR we strive to deliver quality reports that are based on a 360 degree analysis of the market factors. We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market. We serve clients from 16 different domains which includes healthcare, biotechnology, chemical, agriculture and information technology. We work to add more to our array of clients, services and products. At the moment OMR provides 4 services:

     i.   Industry Reports

     ii.  Consulting

     iii. Custom Reports

     iv. Company Profiling

Market research and consulting is a highly competitive market. There are number of companies which provide top quality reports and analysis. At OMR we believe in overcoming the competition by delivering timely and quality reports. The Orion in our names signifies our attempt to create a place for ourselves amongst a galaxy of market research companies.

Thank You for being with us and believing in us.


Our aim is to provide client satisfaction and we are obliged to provide quality, crisp reports of varied domains. We aim to provide customized reports enriched with quality analysis and detailed research methodology.


Our mission is to expand globally and create distinguished brand image in research Industry.


Our vision is to become market leader of global research industry. OMR envision achieving it by providing great quality and customization of services at a reasonable price in order to attain maximum customer satisfaction by meeting the needs of our clients.