Custom Research

We are client oriented organisation and committed to work for client’s betterment and convenience. Our custom research services are specially designed to meet client’s requirement in the desired report titles. Since the syndicate reports on individual targets may not fully meet the client requirement, in such cases OMR takes pride to provide customized reports to satisfy client’s need. Our team of domain experts and research analysts thoroughly study the market and design a customized research report to fulfil specific requirements. At OMR, we take regular feedback from client to structure a study that will deliver the specific results that are needed to make key decisions in client’s business. Extensive Primary and Secondary research are the key factors at OMR to explore the market and meet client’s requirement. Client’s interests are taken care through focused research for various customized requirements in market segments, Company Profile, Geography and so on.


Our syndicate reports cover sixteen industrial/technical categories across the globe. These reports are designed to provide market insights for making strategic and other key business decisions. OMR also offers customizations in existing reports based on client’s specific requirement. Confidentiality of client requirement is maintained starting with the initial conversations to report delivery. Our custom research and consulting services are packaged significantly to match varying budgets, deadlines, in-depth information, crisp and to the point analysis, Desired insights and other client requirement. For more information please reach us at or call us at +91-7803040404.


OMR’s customized services include following competencies:

  • Company Profiling
  • Market Sizing
  • Latest Technology trends
  • Market Segment Specific Analysis
  • Region and country wise Analysis
  • Industry assessment
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Key Company Analysis
  • Cost Advantage and Feasibility Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Supply & Distribution Chain Analysis
  • Feasibility of Product launch location and scope
  • Determining scope of existing products in other markets
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Derive Market Estimation of Niche Market through extensive primaries and independent experts

These are some of the key areas we work for our client and provide them the desired customized reports on time to make key decisions for future direction of business that may result in profitability.